Unified Well-Being Platform for International Schools – Information Session

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Information Session - Unified Well-Being Platform for International Schools
December 13th at 10:00 CET

Toghether School, as part of our support of the School Collaborative – a free resource for International Schools to share best practice, ask questions and learn from experts would like to invite our community to join a special information session to introduce a unique platform supporting mental health and well-being at International Schools.

Recruitment of Staff and Students

A never-ending job for international schools is the recruitment of staff and students. Keeping them at your school is equally important. Mental health issues are a leading reason for them to leave early as such solutions that support mental health and well-being are an investment well made.

Uniquely International Challenges

The Unique Challenges of life in a foreign country brings with it a set of challenges that can be both exciting and daunting. For staff, students, and their families at International Schools, these challenges can be amplified – Language Barriers, Cultural Differences, Isolation, Local Laws and Customs, Trust, Stigma are just a few of the challenges.

For many, the school becomes the centre of their social universe, where a sense of community and belonging is a powerful tool to both attract and retain both staff and students. A comprehensive well-being solution within this setting contributes to the sense of community within this complex landscape – a trusted, accessible, and culturally sensitive support system is invaluable.

In this session we will introduce you to TELUS Health and their Total Well-Being Solution.

This is an information session and will be hosted in small groups enabling discussion and answers to your schools unique questions.

Please join us by registering HERE:

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