News & Information Module.

Safety, Efficiency and Engagement at your fingertips

Providing your school community with relevant and timely information including push notification, blogs, newsletters, events, calendars, directories, menus, updates and much more.  Sharing information within the community more productively through this module, community engagement improves.

Bringing information together in one place.

Command-and-Control Centre

A web-based tool for the school to manage and coordinate information flow within the community. This tool provides feedback metrics to the school showing what content is important within the community. Information can be provided based on roles such as volunteer, participant, or just an interested person. Through the dashboard, information can be efficiently funnelled to the right people or polls can easily been done quickly and easily including simple yes / no push notifications.

App - Staff View

Staff are able to easily send quick updates and useful information. Teachers can connect with parents about their children. 

App - Parent / Student View

Parents are able to easily access information in one place to important updates including class blog posts, new from the school, grade, activities or events. Push notifications give an update on important or urgent information.