Transportation Module.

Safety, Efficiency and Engagement at your fingertips

Transportation Office can manage transportation service between home and school as well as trips. A dashboard provides the location and status of all buses including an overview of students boarding and exiting. Families access information themselves or receive push notifications with relevant information from the Transportation Office. Functionality is even provided in case of emergency.


Bringing information together in one place.

Command-and-Control Centre

A web-based tool for the Transportation Office to manage and coordinate transportation services.

This tool provides a complete overview of all buses’ status including real-time location. An individual bus can be selected to see which students boarded the bus at what time, the time and the precise location the bus arrived at a stop, and how long the bus waited before departing. This information is logged for future reference and analysis. 

The Transportation Office, via the Command-and-Control Centre, can manage routes, send push notifications through the Parents App and call the bus directly through the Drivers App. Information is secured and protected with 2-factor authentication.

App - Driver / Monitor View

An intuitive and easy to use App for drivers or multiple monitors on the same bus to share critical information with one click such as student check-in, student check-out, arrival delay or help request. The location of the bus, through the App, is tracked and the location can be accessed by the Transportation Office or the parents of the students who ride that bus.

App - Parent / Student View

Easy access by parents and students to critical information regarding the student’s bus route.  Parents can see the location of their child’s bus on a map as well as receive information if their child missed the bus or is on the bus. Parents will also receive push notifications from the Transportation Office if the bus is delayed or there are any issues with the bus. Parents will be able to report their child’s absence via the App with both parents having access to the same information.