Attendance Module.

Safety, Efficiency and Engagement at your Fingertips

Provide transparency on students’ attendance or absence. This includes a dashboard with all students’ status including sickness, field trip, sports trip, doctor’s appointment, death in the family, and other reasons identified by the school. Families are provided updates with relevant information.   


Bringing information together in one place.

Command-and-Control Centre

A web-based tool for rapid reconciliation of attendance which is especially important during a crisis. Information of attendance is coordinated across the modules such as transportation and after school activities.

Absences with parents is coordinated via the Command-and-Control Centre through the app such as doctor’s visit. Quick push notification sent to parents when students are not at school.

App - Staff View

Information is integrated with the school’s Management Information System allowing easy attendance roll call via Staff App. Information on attendance is coordinated with transportation and after school activities.

App - Parent / Student View

Parents see critical information about their child’s absences. Parents can proactively update planned or unscheduled absences on the App. This information is also summarised in a calendar including confirmation of the student’s absence.