After School Activities Module.

Safety, Efficiency and Engagement at your fingertips

Manage teams and activities effectively. Keep the school community informed through push notifications with real-time updates or posting blog summaries. Students location is automatically coordinated with transportation and attendance modules.


Bringing information together in one place.

Command-and-Control Centre

A web-based tool for overall management, coordination and communications related to school sports and after school activities. The dashboard shows event schedules, critical information about upcoming trips including contact details of key personnel. Communication summary of posts and push notifications from the coaches or activity leaders.

App - Staff View

Coaches or activities leaders can manage, coordinate and communicate easily. They take attendance which is automatically coordinated with school transportation and school attendance so it is clear if a student has gone home on the bus instead of attending the activity. They can register the students at events. They can provide updates to the athletes, participant or parents on cancellation of practice, performance at the event, meeting points, things to remember to bring to practice or anything else through push notifications.

App - Parent / Student View

Parents and students can receive critical information about their sports or activities. Information such as the schedule for the team traveling to an event, timely updates about the performance of the team and more can be shared through push notification or blog posts from the coach or activity leaders.

Parents are also able to notify the coach if a student will miss practice via that App which is coordinated with school attendance and transportation.