Crisis Management Module.

Safety, Efficiency and Engagement at your Fingertips

Enabling school leaders to focus on managing the situation instead of figuring out the process. 

This module includes a dashboard showing the steps in the crisis manual as well as the actions taken, allows the crisis team to initiate calls through the app, use the App to follow steps in the process as well as actions taken, and communicate with the community through push notifications to share relevant information about the situation.

Bringing information together in one place.

Command-and-Control Centre

A web-based tool for the crisis team and security staff to take action in a crisis or emergency situation. The dashboard consolidates relevant information and actions coming from the crisis team as well as existing alarms at the school.  

Critical information on the situation can either be provided automatically from existing alarm systems, which provides the type and location of an event or uploaded by staff through pictures, videos or text. From the dashboard, assistance can be coordinated by contacting local authorities or sending a staff member to respond directly. The location of the person requesting help can be determine through the device and shared with the first responder.

Using the dashboard, targeted or mass notifications can be sent (and logged) to provide clear and reliable communication of what happened. This can be done through the desktop or mobile device. To help provide a quick response in urgent situations pre-defined templates can be used.   

App - Crisis Team View

Manage crises from the palm of the hand when emergencies happen. Through the App, the crisis team can access important information like step by step procedures from the crisis manual or students attendance, communicate via conference call with the click of the button, and send push notification to inform individuals or the entire school community with pre-define templates. All actions are logged and documented so the crisis team can focus on managing situation.

App - Parent / Student View

Parents have a trusted source of critical information from the school. A weather issue, updates on COVID-19, or information about their own children, parents can rely on the fact that the school has a primary means of communication to keep them informed. Social media rumours are dealt with before they become a problem.