Simple Communications Module.

Safety, Efficiency and Engagement at your fingertips

School leaders are challenged by COVID-19 requiring:

  • Immediate attention is required to address situations when they arise.

  • Timely and efficient response is needed for urgent matters.

  • Demand from the community to be informed of what is happening. 

Bringing information together in one place.

Manage COVID-19 at your school


School leadership must receive necessary information promptly to take decisions.


Bring key people together and decide how to use resources the right way.


Notify relevant people of decisions and document what actions have been taken.

All of this is done from the palm of your hand through an App.

Together School provides school leaders with a mobile solution for

  • Informing school leadership with relevant information about the situation no matter where they are located.

  • Coordinating staff and resources to focus on the matter via conference calls and messages.

  • Notifying parents and teachers of what is happening or will happen through email, SMS or WhatsApp messages.

  • Documenting decisions and actions through a log of actions taken.