Travel Risk Mitigation for Students and Staff

WTP Travel Assist Technology

Portal and app allowing 24/7 tracking of all students, communication tools and global intelligence and alerts on security, safety and medical risks. Available to school leadership and authorised teachers/ trip leaders.

24/7 Access to Medical and Security Specialists

Identify potential risks and offer practical tips and planning for students and teacher safety. Unlimited access for routine through to emergency support and assistance

School Trip Support Plans

Developed in accordance to your school trips destinations, attendees and activities - with details of the plan of action to be taken in case of any incident.

Emotional Support Services

To assist while students, and staff are away from home.

Robust Duty of Care

Protect your students, teachers and reputation whilst reducing costs with a comprehensive travel risk mitigation solution

Crisis Activation, Emergency Response and Assistance

No matter what the circumstance

Webinar - Restarting School Trips - Insights to Challenges that Schools can Expect

December 8th - 13:00 to 14:00 CET

School trips are invaluable for the students’ education allowing them to broaden their horizons and learn in new environments. With borders reopening and international travel steadily returning many schools are now looking to restart travel. While travel is becoming easier again there are still many factors to consider when taking pupils abroad to ensure you’ve mitigated any foreseeable risks. Join Together School and World Travel Protection as we discuss key challenges that schools are facing when they return to travel. We will address:

  • Risk assessment for trips
  • Legal standards you need to follow
  • Management of incidents when abroad
  • Communication strategies and tools
  • Implications of COVID-19 on International Travel

Webinar - Travel Risk Management for International Schools - A new ISO Standard

Please see the recording of this session.  For more information contact us today.

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