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School Transportation Services

Data Utilisation for Operational Improvements

December 19th

In this session we will discuss how data gathered by our school transportation management system can improve your overall operational efficiency, simplify planning, and reduce the time children spend on buses. Areas we will cover include:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Leveraging data to optimize routes and schedules, leading to reduced fuel consumption and lower operational costs.
  • Resource Optimization: Data-driven insights enable consolidation of bus services where feasible, ensuring better utilization of buses.
  • Improved Scheduling Accuracy: Data analysis helps in maintaining accurate schedules, reducing wait times for students, and improving parental satisfaction.
  • Student Usage Analysis: Understanding patterns in student bus usage can aid in planning and resource allocation.
  • Environmental Impact: Efficient routing and scheduling contribute to reduced carbon emissions, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

The format for this session will be a round table as such the audience will be small to enable discussion and allow participants to have specific questions answered.

We look forward to hosting you.


Kevin Lloyd

CCO- Together School